Community Management Center (CMC) was established as a voluntary organization. In 2004, a group of professionals got convinced that social development is only possible if the problems and crisis of the common people are met. They felt that only voluntary attitude and dedication at micro–level might uplift the standard of life. At the very outset, CMC begun their work at community level and focused their concentration on education and health care.In the backdrop of above scenario, Community Management Center (CMC), a non-governmental, non-profitable and non-political development organization was funded in 2004 at the initiatives of a group of concerned citizens. This group is comprised of benevolent people from different professions.

CMC aims at bringing social justice for women and working children eliminating discrimination against them and empowerment of rural poor providing development opportunities and welfare services. To above-mentioned goals, CMC has undertaken multifarious development program in the field for rural women organizing them in small groups and mobilizing their resources. However specific objectives of CMC are stated as below:

Economic Development

Human Rights and Good Governance

Sustainable Agriculture

Health & Sanitation

Education & Capacity Development

Climate Change & Cultural Program

Training & Research.