CMC Mission, Vision & Goal


To undertake integrated social development programs and increase mass-awareness to the target people of the society by self-employment, self-finance, self-dependent for upliftment of living standard of the poor particularly women and children.


CMC aims at bringing social justice for women and working children eliminating discrimination against them and empowerment of rural poor providing development opportunities and welfare services.


CMC has the goal for making advancement of society through people’s participation especially of poor women, children and of down-trodden class in way as to  Help in socio-economic and cultural fields, legal assistance,  Help children in overall fields for all out development of them,  Arrange trainings in the fields of agriculture and other so to redress unemployment,  Encourage agro forestry, home and roof gardening, and plantation program to upkeep environmental norms to help make the globe pollution free,  Work for the overall well being of the disables,  Work in the fields of health, sanitation, family planning and nutrition with an aim at building a healthy society,  Take attempt to render education service to the beneficiaries 9n possible ways,  Create awareness among poor people about their right, livelihood, social and cultural values for a better living,  Render all out service in agricultural fields for overall development and modernization,  Adopt development programs for the well being of the labor class,  Take program on poultry, fisheries and other development fields with a view to create employment in the country,  Adopt appropriate technology for utilizing water resources in agriculture and other development fields,  Organize symposium, workshop, seminar for creating awareness among people on democracy, wealth distribution, social justice, women’s right and establish people’s right,  Create awareness among people to realize public services,  Save and preserve social values, cultures from the hand of extinction,  Establish women’s right in every sphere of life and society.